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A Hyde Park Boise Engagement

Carah had been praying for the right man to walk in her life for a long time, little did she know that all that patience and waiting paid off when she met Everett.  A year later they found themselves planning their wedding date and deciding where to have their engagement session.   They decided to […]

Boise Engagement in Lower Foothills Hulls Gulch.

A lower foothills engagement. Lily didn’t have a particular location in mind, but she knew she wanted a greenery. It was late June and I knew a perfect place in the lower foothills of Boise that I had photographed before. Although it was summer, there was still plenty of green left over and some blooming plants.

Joshua Tree Elopement

Maharasyi and Tyrone are a couple of talented musicians engaged to be married this August. The Bride to be, Maharasyi, is a soulful professional singer and was a contestant on the TV show “The Voice” (season 13). A bassist friend from church suggested that she meet his brother, an amazingly talented drummer. Once she met […]